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are you proud to be networker ?

Delhi University (DU)🇮🇳 ने Network Marketing पे course introduce किया, क्या अब भी आपको ये *बंदे बनाने की स्कीम* लग रही है ?🤔

The *University of Delhi* (DU) *INDIA* 🇮🇳 has introduced NETWORKING MARKETING *in its syllabus*.
What does this mean to you? 🤔

FINALLY, *Network Marketing* is being taken seriously by govts. & authorities that *Network Marketing* CANNOT be ignored neither taken lightly!

ONLY *Network Marketing* can UPLIFT people financially!
So WHO SAYS *you have to be a employee* to be financially well-off???🤔😛😉
*Network Marketing* is the ONLY industry which has produced major Billionaires & Millionaires than ANY other industry & continues changing lives financially of everyone who gets associated with it &  FOLLOWS THE GUIDELINES STRICTLY!


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