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direct marketing is coming with an laws soon

This is an message which has being trending in network market industry from few days
which shows that our government is trying to  build an law for direct selling in india
the below given points are drafts - it will be soon  presented  in front of parliament

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Direct Selling Forum Releases Final Negative Product List . Products & Services  Mentioned Below are Banned to Promote through Direct Selling / MLM  from  1st August 2016 . Below Mentioned Products & Services will Not Come Under  Direct Selling Category  .
Companies Promoting any such Banned Products or Services Through a Medium of Direct Selling or MLM will be Liable for Strict Legal Actions . AI
Negative list of Products :
(Not to be Promoted by Companies Deploying  Direct, Single Level and Multilevel Marketing Compensation Plans)
an paper cutting
1) Financial products like Cash Deposits / Investments –
                in/for/in the form of – Stocks, Shares /I.P.O ,Debentures, Preferential Shares, Forex Trading, Plantations, Farming, Infrastructure Projects, Resorts, Car Lease ,  Trading in Commodities, Live Stocks like Birds, Poultry, Emu, Etc, Animals (Rabbit, Goats, Cows, Buffaloes, etc),  Plantations, HYIP , etc.

2) Life Insurance policies other than offered by qualified Individuals as per the IRDA norms.
3) Car or other Vehicle Lease / Vehicle Advertisement Schemes .
4) All Types of Virtual Currency Promotions / Crypto Currency Promotions ( BitCoin / One Coin / Yocoin / Hitcoin / Etherium / Litecoin / DogeCoin etc)
5) Discount Coupons/Vouchers/Cards etc.
6) Real Estate ( Plot  or Property Sale or Lease )
7) Bid coupons / Bid Vouchers / Bid Ewallet.
8) Quiz Portals
9) Holiday Coupons / Vouchers Or Advance Purchase of Vacation Packages.
10) Betting / Gambling Activities
11) Advertising Packages with Weekly Returns .
12) “Sell or offering to sell Bit Coins/Crypto Currency, Forex products, Shares & Debentures and Commodity Exchange services.”
13) Websites / Web space, Online Education, Online Training , Bidding Portals  etc.
14) Get paid- to click, to give surveys, to watch advertisements, to receive SMS & emails and to invest in  Advertising Medium.
15) Time Sharing services like Holiday Packages/Travel Coupons/Vouchers
16)   Gifting/Helping/Donations or similar kind of funding schemes where there is no sale  proceeds & invoicing in that transaction.
17)   Online & Offline media subscriptions/Classified Ads marketing etc.
18) Products or services that are restricted as per "Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable  Advertisements) Act 1954" India.
19) Gimmick products like Yantra – Mantra – Tantra
20) Crowd Funding Ventures.
21) All Products with False Claims or without Proper Labelling .( Fake Certifications etc )
22) Tobacco based products
23) Products used for intoxication.
24)    Fake Career Plans
25)   All Get Quick Rich Schemes with False Claims .
26}  co-op credit society  running with chain system
27)  helping donation plan which says that donate get back donation with  interest
28) all the products which are sold without taxation  and such schemes
29) all the alcoholic products too 

Initiated for  Direct Sales Industry Cleaning Mission .
Important Note : Few Products can be promoted on special conditions from the List Above .Details will be soon available from the Direct Selling Regulatory Body .
( Govt of India ).
Please Promote this Message in all MLM / Network Marketing Groups and also with all your Friends & Colleagues working in Direct Selling Industry. 


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