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Business Concept


The initial payment in our program is only 500/-
The MATRIX MONEY WORLD uses a 4×4 forced matrix system.
Only 4 Referring Needed.
You get paid instantly. We do not collect money from you or your downline members. Our online software provides a convenient tool to process your income.
No Cycling Required To Earn!
You can earn a total of Rs 11,63.000 with us.
In our program starts to work for you as soon as you paid for Membership level 1 Our members earn 100% income! All payments are made directly member-to-member. You recover your initial payment immediately with your first referral .



MATRIX MONEY WORLD uses an Easy, Small Fast Filling 4×4 Forced Team Matrix. Every member can only have 4 downlines on their level 1.MATRIX MONEY WORLD is designed to put you into profits in the shortest time possible helping you earn Rs 11,63,000 in just a short 4 levels with very little effort.Your 4×4 team matrix will grow in multiples of 4 as follows:
4 Members on Level 1
16 Members on Level 2
64 Members on Level 3
256 Members on Level 4
Direct Payments & Confirmation. All payments are made directly to your payment processor account!

Membership Levels & Phases.
Every member starts with a “Membership Level 0″ and pays directly to his upline . It is important to understand the structure of payments in our program. It`s really unique and cool! Once you joined with Rs 500/- in a particular level, you need to join only 4 members, And that 4 members pays directly to you .
In this level if u refer more members, forced matrix system plases that id in your downline , where the empty space.

Potential Income Chart
Income Level 1: 4 members (your 1st tier downlines) pay Rs.500 each for Membership Level 1. Your Income Rs.500 X 4=Rs.2,000. You have to Pay Rs.1000 for 2nd Level activation. So, Your 1st Level Income Rs.2000 - Rs.1000 = Rs.1000.
Income Level 2: 16 members (your 2nd tier downlines) pay Rs.1000 each for Membership Level 2. Your Income Rs.1000 x 16 = Rs.16,000. You have to Pay Rs.2000 for 3rd Level activation. So, Your 2nd Level Income Rs.16000 - Rs.2000 = Rs.14000.
Income Level 3: 64 members (your 3rd tier downlines) pay Rs.2000 each for Membership Level 3. Your Income Rs.2000 X 64 = Rs.1,28,000. You have to Pay Rs.4000 for 4th Level activation. So, Your 3rd Level Income Rs.128000 - Rs.4000 = Rs.124000.
Income Level 4: 256 members (your 4th tier downlines) pay Rs.4000 each for Membership Level 4. Your Income Rs.4000 X 256 = Rs.10,24,000. Here is completed your levels so this is all Income only for you. Tour Total Income is Rs.1,000 + Rs.14,000 + Rs.1,24,000 + Rs.10,24,000 = Rs.11,63,000.


1. your are getting your income links from the system, is fully automatically on the base of the members who confirmed their up-gradation first. This autofilling income concept follows, first confirmed, will get income first.
2. Receiver has right to accept or decline to new registration any time.But,if the new registration will show pending even after 48 hours,system will decline this registration itself.
3. Nobody can change or edit his mobile no.and email id after registration.So,while registration kindly put your details correctly.
4. Compulsory to upgrade ID : It is compulsory to upgrade your id for 2nd level(Rs 1000/-) when there will be 4 persons in your first level either come through spill or direct by you OR you get earning of minimum 1000/-
You have to upgrade your ID for next 3rd level(Rs 2000/-) when you get earning of minimum RS 14000/- after upgrading the 2nd level.
You have to upgrade your ID for next 4th level(Rs 4000/-) when you get earning of minimum Rs 1,24,000 after upgrading the 3rd level.
5. After getting the notice of up gradation of ID,it is mandatory to upgrade your ID within 72 hours.Otherwise ID will block permanently and can not unblock in any circumstance.


Membership LevelReferralsActivation feeEarningUpgrade FeeNet Income
Level 14Rs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 1000Rs. 1000
Level 216Rs. 1000Rs. 16000Rs. 2000Rs. 14,000
Level 364Rs. 2000Rs. 1,28,000Rs. 4000Rs. 1,24,000
Level 4256Rs. 4000Rs. 10,28,000---Rs. 10,24,000
TotalRs. 11,63,000


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