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क्या आप sexual life साथ कमाई भी करना चाहते है

क्या आप  अपनी  सेक्स की जिंदगी से असंतुष्ट है ? तो ये 
इंटरनेशनल  कंपनी की वैलनेस प्रोडक्ट यूज़ करे और पैसा भी कमाए  -
आप अपने साथी के साथ सेक्सुअल लाइफ में संतुष्ट है /क्या आप अपने साथी को पूरा संतुष्टि दे रहे हो
अगर नहीं तो आप इस प्रोडक्ट से अपने साथ साथ अपने साथी को सम्पूर्ण संतुष्ट कर सकते हो ये नेचुरल है सम्पूर्ण वेज है इसका कोई साइड इफ़ेक्ट नहीं है / और ये सिर्फ सेक्सुअल फायदे के लिए नहीं है साथ कई तरह के और भी फायदे है ब्रेन , कैंसर , हार्ट , मसल्स , तथा कई तरह के बॉडी के लिए बेनिफिट्स है

जानने के लिए आगे  पढ़िए 

World’s Amazing Miraculous, Wondering
Multiple phyto stem Cells
Natural wellness Health Product
One product for all diseases
Now in India.
It's not a drug it is pure plant extracts
key actions (Vital Boost)
1. Help men have a large penis size diameter and length as well as the ability of a strong sex
2. Encourage expansion doubled the male sex organs
3. Give men the body is very strong, healthy and vibrant
4. CAN treat erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE) and male sexual dysfunction.
5. Balance the human body's hormones and promote secretion of male hormones.
6. Promote the blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease
7. Treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and frequent urination at night.
8. Increasing the body's immune system
9. Improve fatigue and anxiety problems
10. Helps decrease the biological age.
11. Enhance body’s immunity system.
12. Enhance liver, kidney and lung functions.
13. Promotes blood circulation prevent cardiac vascular diseases.
14. Improve fatigue and anxiety condition.
15. Central nervous system stimulant/nerve tonic.
16. Improve male and female infertility
17. Lowered plasma glucose in diabetes
18. Altering the cellular movement glucose16. Promotes over all prostrate health.
19. Immune support for women’s gynecologic system and breast health
20. Promotes hormone balance in woman.
21. Activate pineal gland which produce two major nerve harmonies.
Formulated by medical research scientists in USA
Combination of nine rarest medicinal plants from world wide used by our ancients extracted through Ultra-modern filtrations in PHYTO SCIENCE using Multiple Phytostem cell technology
Vital boost is a powerful advanced natural health and wellness science product of modern age. It is made from nine powerful healing medicinal plants used by our ancients in Asia, Africa, America and China etc. and also tribal’s from Tibet, Sikkim, Nagaland, Nepal, Himalaya regions through generations Even now these plants are used in Siddha, Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, Chinese, and tribal medicines. 
Rarest Medicinal Plants and Miraculous Results
Saw Palmetto Cordyceps


CATUABA of Amazon Valley, Brazil.
God Bestowed herbal aphrodisiac Plant.
Catauaba is a vigorous - growing wonder tree that is native to the Amazon Valley of Brazil, which is the most famous of all the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants.The Tupi Indians in Brazil first discovered the aphrodisiac qualities of the plant centuries ago, and many of the other local peoples in Brazil have also been using it for generations, after the discovering of the magical efficacy of catuaba plant extract.
Which could promote the second growth of male sex organ That is why the Tupi Indians have big and strong penis to the envy of all the men of the world. They also had discovered that, a man who takes catuaba for a long period of time could also persist for more 2 hours with out ejaculation and still possess superior fertility of a 25 years old adult for those aged above 60 years old. Catauba has bestowed the Tupi Indians with extraordinary large genitals and powerful sexual ability. The Tupi Indians have been using catuaba for countless
generation. Catuaba has bestowed the Tupi Indians with extraordinary large genitals and powerful sexual ability. The Tupi men have an average penis length of above. 20 cm (8inches). In order to facilitate their penis around their waists or thigh. It is for this reason that they have a very special name, the elephant man tribe of the amazon. Brazilian National Laboratory, the U.S Federal Academy of Medical Research and the Reproductive sciences Laboratory of Harvard University, USA have jointly conducted a scientific research on Tupi Indian men and Catuaba. They found that the Tupi men with their have penis did have inseparable relationship with catuaba. Mr.Michaelv. Straten, a renowned British expert in medicinal plants research said. This is a major therapeutic break through in the field of erectile dysfunction. More ever there is no Known side effect with catuaba, reported in the “Journal of medicinal here is a popular expression in Brazil.“Until a father is 60 the son is his, after that it belongs to catauba”. Natural News - 2010
The chemical constituents found in catuaba include alkaloids tannins, aromatic oils,and fattyresins, phyto sterols, cyclolingnans, Sesquiterpenes and Flavonoids.Catuaba bark is classified as a stimulant and is related to the cocoa plant.
Luckily, it does not contain any of the alkaloids found in cocaine. Now a day’sherbalists and health practitioners use catuaba bark in much the same way as the
The product is made out of organics substances that will make our sex life even hotter and intense than the usual. There are studies and research conducted proving that catuaba bark extract produce more nitric oxide which is capable of increasing the blood flow in your penis. This can increase the capacity of your penile In anatomy and Physiology, it is often discussed, the size of your penis will grow bigger and become longer. When taken regularly this can add extra inches on the overall length the of your penis. There fore you can even satisfy your sex partner during your sexual intercourse. Thus, there is more Pleasurable feeling both partners will experience the catuaba bark has the ability to boost your stamina. Stamina is most important during intercourse. As much as possible you have to let
your partner to release her own before you. When you do not have enough stamina to sustain longer sex your intercourse with your partner will become boring. Further more, girls usually ejaculate in succeeding times before men do. There fore having greater stamina will help you to sustain longer sex and allow your partner to ejaculate more often than the usual. So, if you want to achieve more satisfying sexual
intercourse through having greater level of stamina, use products with catuaba bark. Today catuaba is popular in European and US markets in powder and in fluid extracts. It is highly desirable in USA due to the high amount of Stress present in today society.
Research in Japan discovered the catuaba has powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The catuaba bark is also rich in flavonoids and phytosterols that are linke to testosterone production. Catuaba bark increases more nitric oxide in our immune system Nitric Oxide is the key molecule used by your body to transport oxygen, increase blood flow and deliver nutrients to skeletal muscle. This process in called “Hemodilation” By increasing Nitric Oxide production, Catuaba increases your maximum contractile velocity in all muscle types. The results are immediate and consequential, and include increasing your load capacity, boosting your power output, and quickening your muscle contraction. In 1998 three Medical Researchers in USA won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that Nitric Oxide is a signaling molecule involved in: “...controlling the circulation of the blood, regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs. It acts in main tissues to regulate a seemingly limitless range of functions in the body” (Royal Society of British science Writes, May 1996) The Nitric Oxide Approach to Health
Here’s a partial list of what Nitric Oxide does in our body. 

BLOOD PRESSURE: Lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow and blood vessel diameter, and prevents formation of blood clots. 
HEART: widens blood vessels, increase oxygen supply and protects the heartfrom damage and cell death. 
BRAIN: transmits message between Brain and cell, is associated with the process of learning, memory, and sleeping. It can stimulate mental clarity and ability to concentrate. 
IMMUNE SYSTEM: supports the immune system’s ability to combat infection and disease. 
CANCER: reduces tumor growth and increases the immune response against the radical replication of cancerous cells. STRESS: counteracts the effects of the stress hormone norepinephrine, to increase the relaxation response.
Nitric Oxide helps relieve pain, and it is a mediator in inflammation and rheumatism. SKELETAL MUSCLES: widens the blood channels leading to skeletal muscles. For those who work out, this means faster gains in lean muscle mass, greater strength, increased endurance and full-body muscle recover. SEX: creating increased nitric oxide is the expected effect of the celebrated drug Viagra, which stimulates, restores and magnifies the natural response of male and female genitals. The proper amount of Nitric oxide heightens and lengthens the time of stimulation.
Healing Crises/Detoxification
The detoxification symptoms that occurs when the body is detoxifying. The reaction is
caused by an immune system reaction to the toxins. After using the product with in 1 to 3 days, the person may experience detoxification symptoms. Detoxification symptoms can include Headache, Body ache, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Sweating, Skin rashes, Sore throat, nausea and flu-like symptoms, bad breath, diarrhea, dizziness, thirst, tiredness boils, mild depression After the reaction period is over (may last from 2 days to around 3 weeks), one will experience gradual and steady improvement. Not every body will experience 
Healing crisis – possible Body Response 
Response Reason / Healing Crisis
Numbness on left hand Indicate a week heart
Painful soles Indicate a weak kidney
Means that there is a high blood or low blood pressure problem
Cough Toxins are emitting from lung
Bad breath The stomach is regulating it self.
Fever Indicate that the body is very acidic and need water fordetoxification
Body Pain Indicate that the stomach is regulating it self
Indicate the more toxins in the kidney
Reddish eye Indicate that the liver has a high level of toxin and the body is discharging the toxins.
Blurry eye sight or sleepiness The body is very acidic
Teary eye and tensed eye Indicate emotional disturbance, anger, overwork and mental stress.
Running nose Show nose allergy
Rashes, boils and itchy skin Indicate that body is emitting toxin fat and non soluble toxins.

Congestive heart failure stroke Heart attack
High blood pressure Low blood pressure Chest pain
Hyper trophy - more headache,
Coronary artery diseases.
Male Impotence Premature Ejaculation Zero Sperm Count Erectile Dysfunction Motility of Sperms

Dysmenorrhea - Painful menstruation
Amenorrhea - Delayed menstruation
Puberty menorrhea - Delayed menstruation in girls even at age 18
Menorrhea - Menstruation with excess amount of blood.
Virginitis - Bad Smell with menstruation
Frigidity - Lack of interest in sex
Premenopause syndrome- Problems during stopping of menstruation women
above 45 years
Sexually transmitted diseases- HIV, Aids, Syphilis, Genital Herbs, Scabies, White

Kidney failure, Kidney stones, urination with blood, frequent urination,
Prostates, Prostrate cancer, Nephritis, Urinary track infection, kidney cancer.
Migraines Sciatica Paralysis Palpar Paralysis Gout
Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis Arthritis Low back pain Cervical spondylosis Joint pain
Hyper ventilation Asthma Sinusititis Dust allergy
Alzheimer Parkinson
Rheumatiod arthritis Cardiac neurosis Cancer
People below 50 year’s old 1 sachet in 3 days. People above 50 year’s old 1 sachet in 2days. Tear the sachet and pour the powder under your tongue.
Leave it there until, it dissolve in your tongue. Then drink some water.
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made by Catawba herb Natural Sex Power Booster
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